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I’ll Make You An English Wizard!

If you are a working professional in Europe, speaking English that comes naturally will give you brownie points. And if you could manage to mix it well with your profession, it is the pinnacle of success.

MD Business English is the go-to destination for business and finance professionals to amplify their careers. If you want to learn business English online in Switzerland from the Mastermind, all you need is the passion to become an English wizard.

MD English is led by Markus Dietz, an experienced English coach who has already taught the art of speaking fluent and natural English to people across Europe. Markus believes that anyone can learn the language and speak gracefully without breaking the flow.

If you wish to climb the ladder high in your career, you need excellent English communication. Markus Dietz will make your dreams come true by helping you learn the language in a fun & thrilling environment.

My Story: For You to Know Me Better!

I know why you are here. I know it very well! I understand your story as if I were you. I understand what you have been through and how learning business English can promise you a better career and life. Because I was in the same position many years ago.

More than 20 years ago, when I set out to learn business English, it felt like embarking on a thrilling journey, in an unexplored world. I had no idea where it would lead me. But I gave it my best shot and honed the language. By then, I had no plan of converting it into a life-long profession.

After some time, I started to organizing masterclasses for Business English in Switzerland. I enjoyed it and noticed that I was good at it. Still, I wasn’t sure about making a career out of it. But things fell into place and destiny pushed me to become a business English coach.

Since then, I have been on an exciting journey where I transform the lives of finance and business professionals in Europe. I teach them the language they need to grow, breaking all the limits. It feels great that I can add value to people’s lives, fills me with pride.

If you are also looking to learn business English online in Switzerland, Germany, France, Italy, Finland or other parts of Europe. I have got many surprises for you. I won’t only transform you as a speaker but also elevate your mindset to become the best in your career.

Business English: Why Do You Need It?

In this rapidly evolving world, English is not only used in day-to-day conversations. But it is regarded as the business language of the world. Learning it will open a pool of opportunities for you!

But if you don’t speak English well, don’t worry! I will not let English be an obstacle to your success.
To explain to you better, what makes business English an invaluable language, I have discussed a few important points below:

Improves the English You Already Know:

It’s not that you have zero ideas about English. It’s just that you already know some English but communicating clearly using it is a bit of a hassle for you. No need to stress out! By learning business English you will brush up on the language you already know, increase the sphere of your vocabulary & learn the expressions specific to your job. You will hit two goals with the same arrow!

Boosts Knowledge about Current Trends:

The business English classes include learning from real-life newspaper articles to give students a detailed understanding of it. It makes you well aware of the domain-specific terminologies and current & past market trends. Hence, learning business English in Switzerland will not only make you a language expert but also will boost your knowledge.

Develops Great Understanding of the Business World:

We are living in a digital age where globalisation & interconnectivity among people is on an ever-rising curve. It makes way for nurturing business relationships across international boundaries. In such an evolving business world, learning business English will allow you to develop a great understanding of how global businesses work. It will make you stand apart from your competition, giving you the much-needed push to success.

Gets You the Job of Your Dreams:

If you can develop a good level of business English. You can probably get the job of your dreams. Superior communication skills in English for business and Finance in Switzerland and other part of the globe will allow you to speak confidently in front of your colleagues, managers, bosses, and clients. Today, every big and small company prefers hiring professionals who speak spot-on English to deliver the company’s message across.

Makes You Sound More Professional:

Makes You Sound More Professional:

Undeniably, people who speak fluent business English sound more professional. You might be a spectacular speaker in your native language. But when it comes to talking business with people who hold high positions in companies. You need to speak in English. Learning business English in Europe from the best coach will make you join the bandwagon. I have trained a number of professionals from different walks of life to become the best English speakers. I can train you too so that you can compete well in your job or business or whatever you do.

I Will Help You Speak Business English Like Me!

Looking to improve business English in Switzerland? I have got you covered!

Now you don’t have to feel less confident while speaking in English. I will train and make you speak the way experts speak.

Get in touch and we’ll hop on a free video call where you can tell me about yourself.

Tell me about the challenge you face when speaking English with clients from the UK, Europe, or Asia. Or about how insecure you are when giving a presentation in front of an international audience. Or whatever your problem is when you speak English in meetings.

Together we will find out how you can solve your problems and how I can help you so that your cooperation with international colleagues and clients runs smoothly in the future!

I look forward to hearing from you.