What happens if you love to speak English and combine an interest in business issues and a university degree in business administration with an international mindset and a natural affinity for connecting with people?

Exactly… you become a Business English Trainer.

But it took me some time.

It all started more than twenty years ago when I was tutoring students. I enjoyed it and noticed after a while that I was good at it. But the pay was meagre, to say the least. And I didn’t see how I could make a career out of it.

Making a meaningful difference


Since then, I’ve been on a long and exciting journey, focusing more and more on helping adults improve their English skills to expand their career and business opportunities. It’s a wonderful way for me to put the business knowledge I acquired at university and my English skills to use.

I quickly developed a real passion for it.

Over the years, I’ve underpinned my increasingly extensive experience as a language trainer with specifically selected training at renowned institutions in the field.

I attend conferences and workshops to keep my knowledge of teaching business English up to date. I’ve published articles and also given workshops myself.

I always take the time to talk to my clients before the actual start of a course to find out exactly what their problems are and how I can help them. So I keep refining my training to adapt it to their needs.

It may or may not be a coincidence that since the pandemic hit I’ve often heard that many professionals attend meetings and feel that their business English is not good enough for it. Some of them even chair meetings or give presentations.

Making a meaningful difference

What’s your story? How can I help you?

Get in touch and we’ll hop on a free video call where you can tell me about yourself.

Tell me about the challenge you face when speaking English with clients from the UK, Europe, or Asia. Or about how insecure you are when giving a presentation in front of an international audience. Or whatever your problem is when you speak English in meetings.

Together we will find out how you can solve your problems and how I can help you so that your cooperation with international colleagues and clients runs smoothly in the future!

I look forward to hearing from you.

So now I specialize in helping financial professionals online to communicate effectively in English in international meetings.