The Corporate English Speaking Course in Switzerland with Markus Dietz

Enroll in Corporate English Speaking Course in Switzerland and deliver killer presentations with a newfound confidence

If you are a financial professional, you know that you need a change when your English is affecting your job performance – for example, when…


    • You lack fluency in English conversations and struggle to express your ideas clearly.
    • It’s difficult to follow your train of thoughts and your messages have little impact.
    • You feel pushed to your limits when attending meetings in English.
    • You don’t feel comfortable giving presentations and you’re afraid of questions.

    Does any of this sound familiar? Then you know if you don’t change.

    • Your colleagues and clients won’t have the respect for you that you deserve.
    • You’ll get stuck with your current position and miss future career opportunities.
    • You won’t be able to grow yourself and develop professionally and personally.

    If this applies to you, you’ve come to the right place.

Hi, I’m Markus and I am a business English coach in Switzerland. I’ve helped hundreds of language learners achieve their goals.
I specialise in empowering finance professionals to improve their job performance by helping them to speak English fluently and confidently in conversations and meetings and to improve their communication and presentation skills.
Let’s discuss your goals! Being a business English coach in Switzerland, I will share how we can work together to transform you into the confident English communicator you want to be!
Do you want to:

Do you want to:

  • Having fun communicating in English in conversations and meetings?
  • Speak English fluently so that your colleagues and clients can clearly understand you and easily follow your train of thought?
  • Deliver captivating presentations that grab your audience’s attention from the very first moment?

If your answer is yes, I am here to make this a reality. With my Business English Masterclass, you can easily learn business English with corporate English speaking course in Switzerland.

You’ll excel at your job because:

  • Your communication has an impact on your business.
  • International colleagues and clients see you as an important contact person and trust you.

Thanks to Markus I was able to reach my goal

Thanks to you I was able to reach my goal and pass my IELTS exam with success. I appreciated the way you planned the lessons and especially the way you adapted to our needs, so I could stay motivated. Your support in my exam preparation was invaluable and your comments very constructive. I wish you all the best for the future and it is with pleasure that I will call upon your services if needed.

Nadège Sinopoli

I fully achieved the goals I had set myself with Markus’ course

I have to say that I fully achieved the goals I had set myself with Markus’ course. I loved working with Markus on all levels. The course was very well planned, structured and perfectly aligned with the goals. Markus was 100% committed. When a trainer like Markus sets an example of high motivation and enthusiasm, the student in turn can only be equally motivated and enthusiastic. A top atmosphere, great conversations, a professional and human trainer. What more could you wish for? 🤗

Céline Lefèbvre

A great learning experience all around

In the course I have taken with Markus, he displayed great facilitation skills. He knows how to start, lead and conclude discussions that fit a learning objective, and how to provide motivating feedback. The atmosphere was pleasant and the course well organized, providing flexibility yet not getting off-track. A great learning experience all around.

Pierre Miranda
Marketing Specialist

Thanks to his training, my skills and confidence increased

My experience with Markus as a trainer is very positive. Markus communicates well, listens and really engages with the students. There was always a good atmosphere during the training. Further, he was well prepared, structured and organized. Thanks to his training, my skills and confidence increased and I passed my exam.

Derek van Rooijen
Head of Sales Operations EMEA